Friday, August 5, 2011

Reading Tent!

I found a cute idea on Pinterest for making a simple A-Frame Tent with a couple pieces of wood, a dowel, and a twin bed sheet.  Of course I had to make it right away.  I simplified things a little bit - made it cheaper and easier.  It turned out awesome!  I know my kids will love to cozy up in this little tent during the Daily 5.

Here's the link for the original tutorial I found: A-Frame Tent

I didn't do ANY sewing just to make things easier. I cut the 48" dowel in half to make a shorter tent that will fit better in my classroom.  I bought a twin flat sheet at Wal-Mart and folded it in half the hot dog way.  Then I wrapped the edges around the legs and secured them with rubber bands.  It folds up easily if I ever need to get it out of the way. Also, I can easily remove the sheet and throw it in the wash if needed. To save money - look for the right size of wood in the lumber section rather than the area with the mouldings. It looks just fine and is cheaper to purchase. :)

Next project: Coordinating pillows!  I bought pillow cases that matched the sheet used for the tent.  I plan to put vinyl covers over them (to keep the classroom ickys out!) and then the pillow cases.  I'll put velcro on the opening to keep the pillow cases secure, but easy to remove when they need to be cleaned!  Here's a quick picture of the supplies:

Simple, cheap projects to add some comfy spaces for reading to your classroom!