Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coin Song

Just a quick post about a poster I made to accompany a fun song about coins and their values! I'm loving the fun learning songs on the CD (Brainy Beats) from http://www.teachertipster.com/. You can also buy it on iTunes and he has some videos of the songs on his website.

My class just adores the "Honey Bunny" track, so I made this little poster to go with it. I also glued a real coin next to each line, so they would get a visual reminder of what each coin looks like as they sang the name and value. One student puts on the bunny ears (Target Dollar Spot!!) and is our leader. They point to each line as we sing it and we ALL boogie down during the "Hey honey bunny, I know my money money!" parts. It's so much fun. The song is great without this visual, but I'm hoping it will help my students who are still confusing nickels and dimes to connect the value and name to what the coin looks like. :) Honey Bunny is now a Morning Meeting FAVE in Room 19. :)


Dustin Smith said...


Hadar said...

hahah! that is adorable!

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