Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Measurement Activity

We had a SNOW DAY today in Wisconsin. Yucky and gross weather for March, but it did give me some time to catch up on things. I had a little time to make a quick measurement activity to help reinforce measuring with inches as the unit and comparing measurements. Our math program uses the metric system almost exclusively, so I try to supplement by using inches/feet measuring within my centers. I'll have my students use rulers to measure the line segments, record their measurements in the data table, and use the information to answer the questions.

I'm also working on some math problem solving pages involving measurement, which I'll post soon!


Sass Class said...

I can't open the line segments. It gives me an error message.

Laura said...

Thanks for letting me know! It should work now. :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing!! We are on measurement too and I plan on using your activity :)