Sunday, March 27, 2011

Classroom Library Organization

I'm STILL working on my classroom library. It's beginning to feel like a never-ending project. I've stickered most of my fiction and everybody fiction books with level and a sticker to tell the first letter of the authors last name. Those stickers also note which category of fiction the book falls in. I haven't even touched my non-fiction besides leveling them.

This weekend I got to thinking about how to re-shelve my hoards of books, so they'd be accessible without taking over ALL of my shelf space. I don't like the bins I'm currently using for my chapter books, so I came up with an idea. Why not build shelves just the way I want them? 

Thankfully, Brian is good with measuring, building, etc. so he agreed to make them. Picture four shoeboxes the perfect width to fit a chapter book, glued together side-by-side... he's going to make something very similar (but much nicer looking!) out of wood for me. I think I will probably need 4 or 5 to fit all of my chapter books. Some letters will be combined if they don't have as many books. They will sit on top of my back counter. The kids will be able to leaf through each row easily without removing each book to look at it, so it should stay very neat.  I'm SUPER excited about it. Just thought I'd share, since it wasn't something I considered right away!  I was "stuck" on using bins of some sort, but I think this will work much better for me and my class.

Here's what I came up with for how I'd like him to build it:

Comment and share YOUR best ideas for organizing your classroom library!  I'd love to hear what is working for everyone else.

Organization of my picture books is up next...the book bins I am using just aren't making the cut there either!  They are the magazine-style holders that many use for kid's book bins, but I've found for browsing they are very "tippy" and hard to look through without taking them off the shelf...suggestions??


Mrs.Thompson said...

For my picture books, I use dishwasher tubs from Wal-Mart! For now, it is working. But we will see! I am forever trying to better my classroom library organization, too!

Mrs. Thompson
Adventures in Teaching

Mrs. Patton said...

Oh you are very lucky to have a husband who can do all that! I am still working on my library too. I just organized my teacher library. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Also, if you are into organizing, and would like to add some tips for people, or would like to read about it... I declared this week Organization Week on my blog. People are linking up and leaving comments about certain topics. Check it out!

Colleen Patton
Mrs. Patton’s Patch

Kelley said...

Amazing plans! You are very lucky to have some custom shelves built! I use the same Walmart tubs mentioned in Mrs. Thomas' comment and I love them.